The initiation of Munay-Ki

Munay-Ki is translated as the energy of all-pervading love. If we consciously cultivate and strengthen it, we create our dream reality with love and clarity, which inevitably translates to all levels of our lives. The Munay-Ki initiations are based on the initiatory practices of Andean and Amazonian healers (lay people) and have to do with taking responsibility for all that we create. They are an invitation to dream a new, healthy and non-violent world in which each of us plays an important role.

During the ceremony, the energy is transferred and the full potential of the wisdom of each lineage that holds the teachings is received. We then integrate the skill into our daily lives using various practices and tools until it becomes a natural part of our lives. We then gain a new map through which we can live our lives more consciously, healthily and with the knowledge that we are not alone.

Transmissions activate and strengthen our energy field and inform our DNA at the cellular level, allowing us to develop a new body that lives, ages and dies healthier. We can also more easily rewrite inherited or acquired beliefs that no longer suit us.

In practice, it seems that the wisdom, tools and energies we have received, nourished and integrated into our lives will eventually become us, or we will become them. There is a kind of transformation from a state of "having" through a state of "doing" to a state of "being". So, to give a very concrete example: I am not using the skills of the healer Hampe, which I have adopted, but I am becoming, myself, this healer who knows exactly what to do and how to do or not to do.

Ten RITUALS, ten energy transmissions of MUNAY-KI

1 - Hampe (Ritual of the Healer)

2 - Chumpi (Ritual of the Belts of Power)

3 - Ayni (Ritual of Harmonization)

4 - Kawak (Visionary Ritual)

5 - Pampa Mesayoq (Ritual of the Guardian of the Day)

6 - Alto Mesayoq (Ritual of the Guardian of Wisdom)

7 - Kurak Akuyak (Ritual of the Guardian of the Earth)

8 - Mosoq (Ritual of the Guardian of the Stars)

9 - Taitanchis Rantis (Ritual of the Creator)

10 - El Rito del Útero (The Ritual of the Womb)

The course of the ceremony

You too can join the guardians of the Munai teachings and use the full potential of the tools you have acquired in your life.

I will accompany you through the entire ceremony with love and care, individually or in a group, in person or "remotely". Each of these forms has its own specifics and something different suits each of us.

The actual transmission of the "seed of wisdom" is preceded by a so-called syntonisation, during which one tunes in to the lineage and aspect to be worked with. The energetic transmission is followed by an integration phase, usually in the form of a guided meditation, and the transmission of instructions on how to care for the newly planted seed so that it grows stronger and becomes a full part of your life.

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Planned actions
Munay-Ki initiation in the gardens of Myslin
Enjoy a complete series of all ten Munay-Ki initiations in the beautiful and energetic spaces of the Myslin Gardens. In ten two-week blocks, you have the unique opportunity to receive all ten "seeds" which you will gradually begin to bring to life in synergistic connection with an intimate group of women and men. You will gain unique tools to consciously and lovingly create your life on all levels.
Individual initiation of Munay-Ki
I would be honored to accompany you on your journey to understand, accept and utilize the Munai energy in your life. With your permission, I will facilitate a direct transmission of the "seed" of the full potential of each of these lineages in a comprehensive form based on your own pace and needs. You can expect loving care and support throughout the process.
Munay-Ki initiation for a group or circle
If you want to receive the wisdom of Munay-Ki in the circle of close friends, I will be happy to accompany you. The maximum number of members in a group is eight, and we will plan the schedule together to mutual satisfaction. The whole process can be done either in person or virtually through an agreed online platform.