THANK YOU that I can be part of your journey. Thank you for being a part of mine. In the spirit of AYNI, in the spirit of reciprocity.

Simča B.

"I feel very grateful that thanks to Danda I can have a glimpse into the secrets of energy healing and Munay-Ki ceremonies. Even the first initiation was like entering another dimension. Danda is a wonderful guide with whom I feel safe wherever I "go." Her energy is tremendous, and I am convinced that she was born to heal and help others, and has certainly been a Shaman in a past life. Her opening of sacred space in Spanish is simply an unforgettable experience. Likewise, the clearing and illumination of the chakras is indescribable - it just has to be experienced 🙂 I feel myself moving into greater inner peace and closer to my healing under her guidance. It's a process that can be beautifully integrated into everyday life and that's great. With great humility, THANK YOU!"

Míša A.

"I have the privilege of calling Danda my friend. I really appreciate her embarking on this healing journey and for being able to be instrumental in my journey to heal the bad hearing and tinnitus I have suffered from for 20 years. Danda has a very developed sense of empathy for the other person and therefore her intuitive guidance is very comfortable and relaxed. Overall, I especially appreciate her empathy, sensitivity, deep connection as well as her positive attitude, energy and commitment to helping others. Although we meet online, the power of individual sessions is truly powerful and very much moves me one step closer to healing each session and homework assignment."

Peťa V.

"This healing process is not a passive waiting for a miracle. It is an active entry into the process of one's own healing. Danda has been a unique guide for me through this process."

Šárka K.

"It was a beautiful healing. So magical. I felt like I was lying on a cloud with no clothes on. I saw different colors changing. Your voice was completely different... Pleasant and ringing. It was a time when I had my eyes closed for so long, except when I was asleep, and I didn't mind. When I go to the doctor, I know in advance that he probably won't help me completely and I'm still afraid of him. I trusted you, and I do. I guess you just know how to do it."

Lara G.

"Daniela is a gifted seer and healer whose love and compassion go beyond words. Her Energy Medicine is unparalleled. You feel embraced and held in a love filled sacred space at all times. She has the ability to see, capture and together heal layers of pain, trauma or find emotional seeds that have been overlooked for years and mend them with tenderness and honesty. With my eyes closed I let myself go with Daniela, for I know I am in good hands, and I am forever grateful for her. She is one of the best Shaman's I know!"

Klára S.

"The experience of the guided meditations and also the very personal experience and approach with the "inner worlds work" under Danda's guidance are moments of deep connection on all my levels. In fact, it is hard to find words to describe what I have gained through her patience, trust and the love with which she creates."

Jana K.

"This is not the first time I have made my big jump in the safety of Danulka and let another hoop that was already weighing me down burst. It was a leap into the new and the space Danda created was full of sparkling energy. Even now the melody of the Spanish opening to healing power still rings in my ears, warming and comforting like the arms of Pachamama herself. I feel as if I have embraced Her. Words cannot describe what took place. And I don't think it matters. Time has stood still and I carry the quiet and peaceful flutter of dust in the stream of sunlight I saw when I opened my eyes. I am grateful to have been able to go through this process of chakra cleansing. I observe even in everyday life that the subject I have come to resolve takes on a certain direction and greater ease. I gratefully accept and trust that I will use in my life and send my actions forward."

Natálka R.

"Danda has a great gift to help and mentally heal people. I have never experienced the feeling of empathy, wisdom, tenderness in her magical hands and warm embrace like this. I met Danda recently, and I feel like I have known her forever and like she is part of my spiritual family. To me, she is the pure form of a "light-bearer" or "earth angel". Obviously she has been a shaman in previous lives, because she is wonderful at it. She helped me through the amazing Munay-Ki ritual and the Rito de Utero initiation we did together near the summer solstice date. It was indescribable and made me understand much better the connection to my femininity and motherhood. The challenges associated with this are fulfilling and move me forward. I am so grateful to have been put in touch with Danda. I really appreciate her guiding me through healing rituals, guided journeys, life shifts and then energetically supporting me further. She is currently accompanying me into the depths of my subconscious. I always look forward to our next encounter together, wherever and whatever it is about :)"