The prices quoted are not payment for the techniques, tools, know-how and treatment process as such. All this is a common heritage of all mankind that cannot be monetized. The amount you pay is a valuation of my personal space-time in accordance with Ayni (balance), which is essential to the healing process.

The first 15 minutes of our session is free. We will get to know each other and clarify whether we feel comfortable together and whether your ideas are in line with what I am offering. If so, we'll agree on an appropriate path to bring your plan to fruition and get to work.

Does the current hourly rate at individual sessions is 888,- CZK. In the case of online accompaniment this is the total amount, in case of a personal meeting I charge the time of my journey to you (444,-CZK per hour plus gasoline 3,-CZK/km). Please send the total amount for the session according to its actual length on the same day to 1557881073/0800.

Price for one Munay-Ki ritual for one to two persons is 2 222,- CZK, for a group (3 - 5 persons) the price is 999,- CZK per person, for a group (6 - 8 persons) the price is 888,- CZK per person. For the whole ten-part series of initiations you pay only for nine initiations, the tenth is free. In case of online transmissions this is the total amount, in case of personal meetings I charge extra for the actual rental of suitable premises and for the time of my travel to you (444,-Kč per hour plus petrol 4,-Kč/km). Please send the corresponding amount to 1557881073/0800 before the agreed ritual or before the whole series.

For prices of planned events for the public, see the details of the specific event.

Prices for The Wildlings in schools, we will arrange individually according to your possibilities. The minimum is 888,-CZK per hour of my time, to which I will allow to include the time of my travel to you and back.

If you are interested in organizing an event according to your wishes, we will agree on the conditions and price together in advance.

The price for those of you who cannot afford an individual therapy for existential reasons is 444 CZK per hour, for one session the maximum is 888 CZK, even if it exceeds 2 hours. In this case, I ask you to justify the reduction in advance.