I enjoy meditating and playing with energy. To turn off the nagging thoughts and everyday "should haves" and delve into my inner universe. I enjoy floating between the spaces of the sacred and the everyday, touching the depth of each and interconnecting them. I enjoy stepping outside the rules of linear time, of apparent "objective reality" and visiting places that defy these laws. I enjoy when my physical body disappears and my self dissolves with it. In these moments, I enter with faith, openness and excitement into a world beyond words that I have named for myself DIVOSVĚT(= WonderWorld). It has many levels, spaces and forms that give answers to questions I don't find in my everyday world.

But what I enjoy the most is to become that all-pervading light, the pure energy of the source itself, to flow, to be and to move in the direction of the set intention. To grasp the treasures hidden in this magical, inner universe and bring them into our world. Simply to be a bridge between the Divine and this world, between the Sacred and the everyday,....

For over twenty years I have accompanied women and children on the path of personal development. While studying the energy discipline at the Park of Study and Reflection in Schlamau (Germany) in 2010, I fell in love with its secrets and have been exploring, practicing and sharing the deep wisdom of these wondrous spaces ever since. In 2020, energy healing came my way and deepening and growing experience called for more tools and guides. This was followed by a Munay-Ki energy initiation led by Marcela Lobos, augmented by tools to pass on this wisdom, and a Rueda Medicinal Masterclass led by Alberto Villoldo and other masters, both at Los Quatro Caminos (Peru). For myself, I have tagged this transcendent period as a "homecoming".

Currently I accompany women in regular thematic workshops and lunar and cyclic rituals, I offer my clients the tools Healing at all levels, sharing a diverse range of meditation and relaxation techniques with adults and by children.I'm handing over the initiation of Munay-Ki and using shamanic instruments, I accompany those who wish to travel in the four directions.

I believe that if we let go of the beliefs that have not served us for a long time, if we understand and see with love and gratitude the beautiful and whole being that lies beneath all the layers of illusion and suffering, if we hear the call of the unheard voice of our soul, we will free ourselves to the passionate, joyful and meaningful flight that life truly is.

If any of my story resonates with you, check out here. I'd be honored if our paths crossed.