Do you also feel that the current times are too fast? Anyone who isn't online isn't really in, because they don't have all the necessary updates, downloads and networking. If we don't have a perfect connection, we get nervous and few people realise that we are actually completely disconnected. Stress, attention disorders, exhaustion, resignation and many more are clear signals that something does not work.

Meditation, relaxation, breath work and yoga are wonderful tools to slow this pace and reconnect with life energy and self. The sooner we start, the better! But how to do this in kindergarten, elementary school, or even high school?

Leave it to me! In a playful way appropriate to the age and needs of the class, I will accompany your children to the space of their own DIVOSVĚT (= WonderWorld), which is accessible to few in everyday life.

Pleasant relaxation in a safe environment, a guided journey into the hidden spaces of the subconscious, yoga asanas of different levels, unusual musical instruments, connection with oneself and other classmates, all this encourages children to self-knowledge, self-awareness and consciously take responsibility for creating their own life.

The teacher can then creatively use simple techniques in his/her own teaching to calm or, on the contrary, to make the learning process more effective.

And the kids love it!

Available from:10. 10. 2018
Aids:mattresses or carpet
Duration:60 - 90 minutes (according to your requirements)
Number of children in the group:maximum 1 class
Price:according to individual agreement