In order to experience a healthy and fulfilled presence on all levels, it is beneficial for us to understand and let go of beliefs that no longer serve us and replace them with ones that resonate with our current needs and visions. If you feel it's time to step into the signals of your body and repetitive "coincidences," I'm happy to guide you to your inner light. Openness, kindness, empathy, discretion and belief in your infinite potential are integral to every session.

Sometimes well-chosen, tailored questions will lead us to an understanding that we ourselves have so far missed for various reasons, other times we need to go deeper with appropriate techniques. You can choose a more western or a more shamanic approach. In either of these you can expect support from me in the form of energy healing, tailored meditations, relaxation, breath work or other techniques to strengthen your body's energy system. After each session you will be given specific assignments and recommendations on how to handle your new discoveries so that they become part of your daily life as soon as possible.

I can come to you or meet you online. The first 15 minutes is free and can be done by phone/online before our first meeting. We will get to know each other and clarify if your expectations are in line with what I am offering. If so, we'll agree on the details and get started.

You can find the prices for my spacetime here.


Holistic guidance on the way to a healthy, joyful and harmonious life on all levels

Tools to achieve "well-being" (relaxation and meditation techniques, breath work, routines, rituals, etc.)

Energy "first aid" for congestion, stress and acute problems

Accompaniment on journeys at the subconscious level to see, let go and replace tendencies that no longer serve you

Power system cleaning and tuning

Purification, protection, thanksgiving, awareness, initiation and transition rituals