Welcome to DIVOSVĚTA...

...of a miraculous world hidden beneath the surface of everyday "reality". It was omnipresent in our childhood. Most of us have since forgotten...

Take a deep breath and with courage peek behind the veil of your comfort zone. The precious treasures stored in the depths of your subconscious will help you remember where you come from, where you are going and who you really are. You will dissolve blocks that prevent you from experiencing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual harmony. You will clarify what your purpose is and gain the tools to intentionally create your own reality.

"If you want to know the DIVOSVET, know yourself!"

With openness, sensitivity and kindness
I'll walk you back to your place

Choose the WAY that resonates with you. Each has the same intention - to live a life of health, inner strength, joy, and CONNECTION with yourself.