In the sacred union of feminine and masculine energy, we touch God.

Daughter, lover, mother, psychic, goddess. Giver and protector of life. All that we women are and can be so much more. The womb from which new life is born is of the same nature as Mother Earth herself. Let us experience together the interconnection of this Macrocosm and Microcosm. Let us discover our inner light and let it shine just like Mary, Isis, Inanna, Gaia, PachaMama, the woman-goddess bearing a thousand names and yet unnamable.

Let's connect our feminine energy of life with the masculine energy of creation and intention. Only then can there be a sacred union that allows our full potential to be realized in connection with the deep mystery of life.

Breath work, relaxation and meditation, yoga, energy exercises, dance, laughter, creating, sharing, relaxation, delicious home-cooked meals and accommodation in the romantic farmhouse Salajna in the picturesque border village of West Bohemia.

Further information about this meeting is listed below, if you are interested please contact us contact.

Deadline: 17th (17h) - 19th (15h) 11. 2023
Place: Farm Salajna Maštal
Meals: full vegetarian board
Transportation: own, shared ride can be arranged
Price: 2 700,- (accommodation, full board) + open contribution for the guide's time (according to your financial possibilities and your own assessment of the benefit) payable on the spot after the end of the program
Backup: 2 700,- CZK (to the account 1557881073/0800, payment of the deposit is a condition for booking the place)
Cancellation fee: The cancellation fee is charged at the percentage indicated - 0% deposit for cancellations more than 2 months before the event, 25% deposit for cancellations less than 2 months before the event, 50% deposit for cancellations up to 1 month before the event, 75% deposit for cancellations up to 14 days, 100% for cancellations less than 14 days before the event. In case of self-provision of a substitute, in case of filling the capacity of the event with other candidates, or in case of cancellation of the event by the organizer, the cancellation fee is cancelled and therefore the full payment is refunded.
Number of participants: 12
Flyer: PDF